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What is it?

A Corporate Performance Audit will give you a tremendous amount of valuable information regarding the performance efficiency of the people working in your company/department.  The audit will first provide a detailed summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in your group regarding corporate success traits in the workplace.

The second phase of the audit will build a composite picture of the overall performance efficiency of your department/company.
1.  What are the strengths? 
2.  What are the weaknesses? 
3.  Who are your Top 10 performers?
4.  Who are the under-achievers within your group?
5.  What will make the group better?

Who needs it?

A Corporate Performance Audit can be utilized by:

1.  Any company that needs to maximize the talent pool within its organization.

2.  Any personnel director who wishes to strengthen performance efficiency throughout the company.

3.  Any individual manager who seeks improved performance levels within his/her department.

The Next Level:  

The ENHANCED Corporate Performance Audit takes the audit to the next level.  The Enhanced Audit would incorporate all of the information from the initial audit, and from it develop a personalized training program to elevate the performance levels of all employees within the department/company. 

Who do I contact?

Contact Dr. Steve Brennan:
Phone:  531-777-0432