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Inner Greatness!™
The Premier Motivational Event of the Year!

What drives you to be great?  Many people possess the talents to be great, but lack the understanding or willpower on how to fully utilize those talents to achieve their goals.  This presentation will help you realize your goals and give you a plan to utilize them to achieve maximum results.  This event is high-energy and fun!


Inner Greatness!TM  is a highly inspirational and entertaining presentation that is packaged in a multimedia format that will energize each member of your business or organization!

The message is strong and positive: Each person is responsible for his/her actions and each person has within him/herself a seed of greatness ready to flourish!

Incentive Option:  The presentation can be customized to highlight your group or organization.


Highlights of Inner Greatness!TM

Two award-winning motivational films to supplement Steve's powerful message!
Contemporary music themes to entertain and assist in the flow of the presentation!
Research-based information, proving the power of positive self-talk!
Power Points for building self-confidence!
Qualities of the Self-Confident Person!
Success Skills for Inner Greatness!
The "little" things concerning success!

And much, much more!

What the Experts Say...

"Steve does an excellent job of drawing out the realities of human capabilities.  His method of mixing humor and seriousness added to the strength of his message.  I highly recommend this superb presentation!"
Edward C. Nafus, former Executive Vice President, First Data Resources


For more information, call Dr. Steve Brennan at (800) 293-1676 or e-mail