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Take advantage of this phenomenal HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROMOTION. Purchase a copy of the 8-disk DVD set of The Rejuvenation Experience ™ health and wellness seminar for only $199! Retail price: $239.95.

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Testimonials Praising
The Rejuvenation Experience®

"A great package! The information, presentations, and environment were amazing! Lots of new things! All spectrums of wellness, inside and out!"
Christina Srajhans, LMT

"What The Rejuvenation Experience offered me was a solid, systematic, knowledgeable approach to realistically apply skills to gradually and consistently change your life in any direction you want to take it."
Brad Decker, LMT

"Steve, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the conference. It was a very nice balance of speakers, including yourself. I wish my co-workers could have been there. I'm very glad I did take the time off to attend."
Jodi Vermilyea, LMT

"These are life-changing concepts."
Deb Flenker, Nebraska Medical Center

"You provided so many great opportunities for me to discover the power of me and what I can accomplish!"
Norma Joan Swadener, Woodmen of the World Insurance

"Thought-provoking and inspirational!"
John Morrissey, Wells Fargo Bank

"This was a very positive experience - a great way to jumpstart yourself to begin caring for yourself."
Debbie Pittz, Good Samaritan Hospital

"I wish I could send everyone in the world to this conference!"
Margaret Williams, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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For the first time ever,
LIFE-ENHANCING information
Session One
Topic: "Rejuvenation through a Balanced Lifestyle."
Speaker: Tom Osborne, PhD
Session Two
Topic: "Superfoods to Prevent Disease, Promote Longevity, and Increase Brain Power in You!"
Speaker: Shelly Asplin, MA, RD, LMNT
Session Three
Topic: "The Rejuvenating Effects of Massage."
Speaker: John Welbes, DC, MBA
Session Four
Topic: "How to Add 10 - 20 Years of Extra Life."
Speaker: Steven Aldana, PhD
Session Five
Topic: "An Easy, Action-Oriented Approach to Help You Create a Successful Personal Exercise Program."
Speaker: Jennifer White, PhD
Session Six
Topic: "Laughter as a Rejuvenating Agent."
Speaker: Austin Anderson
Session Seven
Topic: "The Scientific Power of Prayer."
Speaker: Kenneth Pargament, PhD
Session Eight
Topic: "Inner Greatness: Release Your Potential!"
Speaker: Steve Brennan, PhD

Speaker Capsule Biographies

View Osborne Video

Tom Osborne is one of the most recognizable and beloved public figures nationwide. Tom is best known as the former head football coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He was head coach from 1973 until 1997, leading the Huskers to 25 consecutive bowl games, 13 conference championships, and three national championships. From January 2001 to January 2007, Tom represented Nebraska's 3rd Congressional District in the House of Representatives. He is currently the athletic director emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. An avid exerciser all his life, Tom discovered he had heart disease in 1985. Following medical procedures, he continues to be a role model for health and wellness. The focus of Tom's insightful presentation is on the importance of balance in one's lifestyle.

View Asplin Video

Shelly Asplin is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in nutritional science and dietetics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her internship was completed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and she received her Master’s degree in Health Education in from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Shelly is a leader in food and nutrition trends. She is constantly assessing the needs of the community and developing dietary recommendations and programs for her clients. Her primary goal is to help people feel their best by selecting foods to maximize their health. The focus of Shelly's dynamic presentation is on the health qualities of "superfoods."

View Welbes Video

John Welbes was president and owner of Dr. Welbe’s College of Massage Therapy. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. He completed 20 years of active service with the U.S Air Force, performing in all aspects of hospital administration and retiring with the rank of Major. Dr. Welbes is a licensed massage therapist in Nebraska, and a chiropractic physician licensed in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska, emphasizing a holistic approach to health problems. The focus of John's superb presentation is on the health benefits of massage therapy.

View Aldana Video

Steven Aldana is the president of WellSteps, a health and wellness company. He is a former professor and director of graduate studies in the College of Health and Human Performance at Brigham Young University, and an adjunct faculty member of the University of Illinois School of Medicine. He has dedicated his career researching and teaching about the impact of lifestyle on disease and quality of life. He has published over 50 research articles and has written five books on the connections between healthy living and disease prevention. As one who practices what he preaches, Dr. Aldana is passionate about educating people about the tremendous impact lifestyle has on disease and is devoted to helping individuals adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. The focus of Steve's awesome presentation is on simple adherence principals that can help extend your life.

View White Video

Jennifer White is an associate professor for health and wellness at Arizona State University. Dr. White has extensive experience implementing physical activity programs in underserved populations, including overweight and/or sedentary women, underserved youth, and children with cancer. Dr. White has published a number of papers related to physical activity implementation and has given a number of presentations at National Conferences related to physical activity adherence. She is an avid exerciser, and enjoys running, spinning, and weight training. The focus of Jen's energizing presentation is on several easy ways to create a successful personal exercise program.

View Anderson Video

Austin Anderson started his voyage into stand-up comedy at the tender age of 18 in the Omaha and Kansas City areas. Austin has worked dozens of comedy clubs around the country, sharing the stage with a plethora of legends in the entertainment business, ranging from Lewis Black, Bob Saget, Larry the Cable Guy, and many more. Austin becomes a favorite at each club he works with his original style and enthusiastic energy. From the moment he takes the stage, he brings the audience into his world of imagination and creativity. His appearance at The Rejuvenation Experience® seminar reinforces the fact that laughter is extremely important to the overall health and wellness of an individual.

View Pargament Video

Kenneth Pargament is professor emeritus of clinical psychology at Bowling Green State University. He has been a leading figure in the effort to bring a more balanced view of religious life to the attention of social scientists and health professionals. Dr. Pargament has published extensively on the vital role of religion in coping with stress and trauma. Ken has consulted with several foundations, the National Institutes of Health, and the World Health Organization. He has won several awards, including the prestigious William James Award for excellence in research in the psychology of religion from Division 36 of the American Psychological Association. The focus of Ken's phenomenal presentation is on how religion and science can intertwine to make a person's life more fulfilling. And yes, he does answer the question: Is there really a correct way to pray?

View Brennan Video

Steve Brennan, founder and president of Peak Performance Consultants, brings a wealth of experience, excitement, and creativity to the field of motivation and education. The former educator and college basketball coach has Masters degrees in Educational Administration and Sport Psychology, and a Doctorate in Performance and Health Psychology. An accomplished author, Steve is also the developer of two web-based, scientific assessment instruments. The Success Factors Scales ® - Athletics Edition measures the level of strength in 10 psychological factors for success in athletics. Success Factors Scales ® - Corporate Edition measures the level of strength in 13 psychological traits for success within the corporate workplace. Both editions can be found at 

The focus of Steve's uplifting presentation is on how to sustain energy and passion throughout your life.


The Rejuvenation Experience ® health and wellness seminar is packaged as an 8-disk DVD program, and also is available in single-disk quantities.

The cost for this LIFE-ENHANCING 8-disk set is $199.00 (a $40 savings off the retail price of $239.95), including FREE shipping/handling when you purchase the 8-disk set online. Single session disks cost $29.95 each, plus a small shipping/handling fee.

Added Value Special Bonus! The first 50 orders for the complete 8-disk set will receive a FREE copy of the seminar notebook. This fantastic resource contains all the speaker outlines and supplementary materials for each presentation. 

Over 100 pages, jammed full of cutting edge health information, self-help worksheets, book lists, and other resources to make your life healthier than it's ever been! A $79 value absolutely FREE when you order now!   [While supply lasts.]

TOTAL SAVINGS:   $119 when you purchase the 8-disk DVD program and receive the FREE seminar notebook!