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Executive Performance

Peak Performance Consultants is dedicated to helping every level of your organization flourish.  For your executives, we offer two very important resources to assess where they could grow to become a more effective decision-maker.

1.   Success Factors ScalesĀ® - Corporate Edition 

The Success Factors Scales ® - Corporate Edition is a one-of-a-kind scientific online assessment instrument developed specifically to measure the level of strength in 13 critically important success traits in individuals working in all business settings.

The 13 success traits are:
1.     Assertiveness
2.     Cohesiveness
3.     Communication Skills
4.     Coping with Pressure
5.     Integrity
6.     Leadership
7.     Maturity
8.     Mental Toughness
9.     Motivation
10.   Passion
11.   Receptiveness to New Things
12.   Rehabilitation from Illness/Injury
13.   Self-Confidence

Here is why you should utilize the Scales:

  • To know where your strengths lie as an executive.
  • To see what skills you can improve as a leader.
  • To maximize employee performance levels.
  • To fortify your decision-making processes.


2.   Executive Toughness Training