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Peak Performance Consultants: Health, Wellness, and Performance Coaching

Peak Performance Consultants offers health and wellness consulting, as well as coaching to optimize physical and mental performance for companies and individuals. With health, wellness, and performance a corporate priority nationwide, Peak Performance Consultants is your health, wellness, and performance partner.

With a focus on the company bottom line becoming more and more important each day, do you know how your employees are responding to their environment?  Do you know what drives each individual toward his or her peak performance?  How mentally tough is everyone in the organization from the executives to the entry-level staff?  With all of the challenges and stress that a workplace can provide, how healthy are you or your co-workers?  These are all important questions to ask when thinking about how to increase health, wellness, and peak performance throughout your organization.

Fortunately, these are all questions that Peak Performance Consultants can help you answer.  Through the Center for Performance Enhancement Research and Education ™, we can apply a number of tools to address the performance, health and wellness issues that may exist within your organization.  In the next stage of our consulting strategy, we will tailor a plan to help you transform problem areas into models of peak performance, health and wellness, helping you make them not only strengths within your organization, but also points of pride to show clients and even other organizations! 

We have a wide variety of resources to help identify your organization's performance strengths and areas to improve.  The Success Factors Scales® - Corporate Edition will help determine what drives you to success based on 13 strength-based character traits.  In addition, we have Executive Toughness Training seminars, the Rejuvenation Experience® Health and Wellness Video Series, corporate workshops, and Inner Greatness™ motivational presentations.

Let us know if there is anything Peak Performance Consultants can do to help increase your bottom line and spark human potential within your organization!


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